uNu Power DX External Protective Battery Case for iPhone 4S & 4 - MFI Apple Certified (Matte Black, Fit All Models iPhone 4 & 4S) Large

uNu Power DX External Protective Battery Case for

uNu Power DX External Protective Battery Case for iPhone 4S & 4 - MFI Apple Certified (Matte Black, Fit All Models iPhone 4 & 4S)
uNu Power DX External Protective Battery Case for iPhone 4S & 4 – MFI Apple Certified (Matte Black, Fit All Models iPhone 4 & 4S) was once listed on Amazon for $39.ninety nine, promoting for $34.95 USD brand new. Manufactured by using UNU. There are sixteen devices left model new. When you favor this product in used situation, there are 4 left on Amazon beginning at $29.ninety nine.Some nice options of this product embrace:
  • Highlighted by means of its light-weight, extremely slim design, the DX case measures an outstanding thickness of simply 17mm. That includes the reinforced polycarbonate housing, raised lips round entrance display, and type becoming design, the DX will present essentially the most complete safety to your iPhone 4/4S.
  • Awarded the distinguished Made for iPhone certification, the DX has long past thru intensive checking out and high quality assurance to verify reliability. In truth the DX has been confirmed to present high quality poIntroductionOur Amazon’s absolute best-promoting battery case for iPhone 4/4s, the DX battery case boasts a thickness of simply 17mm, whereas additionally successfully doubling battery existence. This technically evolved case additionally halves the time wanted to re-cost the battery. It even permits customers to sync-and-cost whiluNu Power DX External Protective Battery Case for iPhone 4S & 4 - MFI Apple Certified (Matte Black, Fit All Models iPhone 4 & 4S)Buy Now on Amazon.comBeginning at $29.ninety nine usedBuy for $34.ninety five model new
    Store thirteen% ($5.04) with the aid of purchasing on Amazon.com

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  1. I don’t normally write too many reviews but I had to write something about the Unu DX-1700. I’ve spent a great deal of time doing cross comparisons of different battery cases on the market before I settled on the Unu. There is relatively very little information on the web about the unit so I figured I’d help out buyers like me who like to research the item before they commit to buying. So here goes:

    The Good:
    1. The Unu is attractively priced. Many other battery cases range anywhere from $60 – $80 which is way out of my price range for this type of product.
    2. The Unu looks good. I’ve got a white iPhone 4 (Verizon) and a majority of the battery cases out there are black. Also, the Unu has a nice, glossy finish which compliments the iPhone.
    3. It works. I can go an entire day (13 hours) without recharging my phone, and that includes web surfing, sending/reading emails, and of course playing games.

    The Bad:
    1. The Unu…

  2. I was delighted to discover these little gems were still offered by Amazon, and at a slightly reduced price from the first one I purchased a year ago.

    Back then, when the iPhone 4 was first released, there weren’t many “power case” options available. I found this one, freshly listed by an unknown-to-me seemingly Chinese company and I hesitated. Long enough for someone else to leave a review. (Thanks Crispin38!) After all, I frequently haunt the “wholesale direct” websites and the quality often leaves much to be desired.

    When that first review arrived and it was positive, that was good enough for me to take a chance and keep my fingers crossed, and am I ever glad I did.

    Mechanically, the case fits rock solid. No gaps or sloppy contact points along the seams, and the snap-together closure seats firmly into place. The end result is a trim, slightly thicker than before phone which fits confidently in my grip, with no slippery or “too thin” sensation…

  3. Are alkaline batteries rechargeble? Do they make a rechargeable alkaline battery? Also what is the diffrence in a alkaline battery and a alkaline storage battery?

  4. Hello,
    i was wonder how i would wire up two batteries, one for starting only, then the second one for everything else, so the battery doesn’t die when the vehicle isn’t running. Both batteries will be deep cycle(XS power) BTW this is for a 91 bronco.

    Thank You :)

  5. do battery making companies still use mercury or lead in batteries as the means necessary to provide power

  6. I haven’t been using my laptop battery for about 4 months. I keep my laptop plugged in when I use it without the battery. Will the battery deteriorate if I store it fully charged?

  7. I have a permanent magnet dc motor. How do i attach that to a battery in order to recharge the battery? The battery has a load on it but I’d like to recharge it while it is working. Do i need anything special or do i just attach the motor to the battery?
    Thank You!

  8. i need a battery charger for Fujifilm C20 Point & Shoot that uses AA Alkaline batteries,,can i get charger + rechargable batteries online in india …can Nimh charger charge Alkaline batteries…

  9. Rechargeable batteries have always been a lifesaver for me.
    and i might be getting a camera that has a lithium-ion battery

    does that have the same power as rechargeable batteries? or better?
    sorry, what i meant to ask was if this type of battery (lithium-ion)

    works just as well at AA rechargeable batteries. AA recharg. have always worked excellent for me, and i just want to make sure im getting a camera that has just as good battery or better.

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